Wifi Hotspot

Wifi Hotspot



  • Multi-directional transmission with high gain transmitters. Real-time operation optimization via central controller.
  • Thousands of broadcast scenarios to optimally communicate with users’ devices.
  • Compatible network operation to 802.11a/b/g/n.
  • Continuous data gathering at the communication level and optimization of broadcasting to ensure more efficient communication with clients.
  • Change transmission and real-time data transmission per packet & per receiver.
  • Up to 6 dBi signal strength and up to 15 dB Noise reduction.
  • Less Access Points cover a larger surface area, minimalizing the Noise and offering a more reliable connection to the end-customer.
  • The procedure of self-diagnosis and the automatic antenna adjustments has resolved serious problems in over than 3,5 million installations.
  • Effective performance in Noisy environments due to minimalizing the Communication Noise.
  • Increase coverage due to client location tracking and focusing exclusively on the client’s direction.
  • Maximize communication efficiency between Access points and Clients.
  • Eliminate dead contact points.
  • Ensure reliable communication with portable devices that are constantly moving and changing orientation.