Sunsoft Alexandros Front Office

Sunsoft Alexandros Front Office

Welcome to Front Office (PMS) of Sunsoft

Agencies – companies

Contracts of Allotment & Commitment, Booking Positions.

Special deals

Early Booking, Special Offers, Minimum stay, 7=6 etc.

Booking plans

Availability, Room plans, Room Rack.

Customers, Reports

Rooming lists with different dates of arrivals-departures.

Connection to P.O.S.

Debits,eligible, received

Housekeeping, Maintenance

Forecast & meal plans.

Main Courante, night audit

Export of accounting articles(Main Courante or Sales Calendar).

Multiple documents

E-pricing, connection to Bavel.

Full harmonization with ΚΦΑΣ

Documents for ΚΕΠΥΟ, VAT checks.

Connection to booking systems

(WBE OTA’s Channel Management).

Ability of connection

Pay TV, KeyLocks, pbx systems.

Web registration

Mobile check-in.

Quostionnaires (Surveys)