Hoteza HotSign

Hoteza HotSign

A modern solution for your content!

Hoteza HotSign allows you to take advantage of transmitting audio-visual content in real time with little prior investment.

Increase in service level: the solution ensures consumer convenience.​

Loading, customization and management can be performed from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a display screen with an HDMI or DVI socket. A media player is supplied along with the software. Simply connect it to your display and begin working with your content.​

Reduction in printing costs: the solution is marked by a high recoupment factor of investment compared with printed advertisements.


Manage content from anywhere in the world

You may publish information and manage content online from any device using the personalised content management system (CMS). The system is based on cloud technology, which allows you to manage content from anywhere in the world. The system’s interface unit is ergonomic, intuitive and comprises a full range of functions: loading of video and images, generation of playlists, transmission time settings etc.

Types of content

Images (JPEG, PNG). Full HD video (all video formats). RSS feeds (news, airport display boards, weather forecast, listings etc.). Text presentations.


The system is easily integrated with PMS (Micros) systems, which allows information on upcoming events to be automatically loaded: conferences, seminars etc.

Multi-lingual support

Content may be displayed in any language.

Useful functions

Calendar functions. Timing presentations. Transmission of schedules for conferences and other events. Setting display screen signs. Providing business meetings with information.

Technical characteristics

Hoteza media player is a microcomputer responsible for transmitting images and full HD video. The player connects to the cloud through an existing network, computes loaded content and displays it on the screen via HDMI. The content management system allows any number of screens to be managed irrespective of their locations.

  • Low power consumption (3.5 V)
  • 10/100 Ethernet RJ45 or WIFI
  • Linux operating system
  • Installed on every digital display and connected via HDMI/DVI

Manage content from anywhere in the world

Weather Forecast

Show you care about customers: give them an accurate weather forecast: temperature, humidity and wind speed. Hoteza HotSign provides reliable licensed information from WeatherOne and local content providers.

Online Airport Display Board

Help customers organise their time: transmit an online local airport display board with information on flight departures and arrivals. Hoteza provides licensed content from FlightStats and other national providers.

Utilize Hoteza HotSign for transmitting premium content and increasing service level.

News and RSS Feed

Keep customers abreast of events: transmit the latest global and local news. Hoteza HotSign provides a licence for content from the global agency AFP and content from local providers.

Presentation in Corporate Style

Save customers time: transmit schedules and business events, directional arrows
and signs. Hoteza HotSign offers customized designs: content is displayed on electronic templates in company’s corporate style.

Where to start

You will need one media player for each display.

You can use any digital screen with an HDMI or DVI socket to transmit content. Once you connect the media player to the display and to your network, your Hoteza HotSign is ready to go!

Then you can enter the content management system using your login and password and start publishing new information.

Hoteza HotSign uses 2 types of screen:

32” – 65” (16:9) for public zones

15” – 19” (4:3) for conference rooms

Hotel Benefits

With Hoteza HotSign you get:

Access to the content management system

The system allows you to load video, images, and text and manage this information in real time from any device and anywhere in the world.

An unlimited number of users

You can invite colleagues, suppliers and external partners to use the system. This will allow them to publish content on your screens independently. Plus you will be able to fully monitor the situation.

Safe connection and hosting

All information is transferred via protected encoded channels.

All the latest product updates

You will receive notifications of all product updates, which are automatically installed.

Continuous support

International Hoteza support service operates all round the world 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Unlimited data storage

Using cloud technology means you do not need to worry about capacity for saving data, as it is unlimited.