Hotel HSIA

Hoteza HSIA

Hoteza HSIA is a modern system that provides Internet access to hotel guests. As a result, your guests are happy because everything you need to do to get a quality Internet connection is simply enter your room number or your phone number.

Hoteza HSIA helps reduce the cost of the hotel staff, as well as get positive feedback and alleviate the problems of unsatisfied guests thanks to quick automatic device setup and efficient technical support service.

On average, a permanent Internet user has 1.9 devices

of guests surf the Internet using their smartphones

Inter channel capacity

Hoteza HSIA solves the problem of congestion of Internet channels by evenly distributing the available speed.



Rate plan zones

Individual access pages and rates for guest and common areas.

Networking with PMS

The system works with all hotel management systems.

Fair access policy

Dynamic speed allocation depending on the line congestion level.

High-quality Internet services

for conferences and events Ability to sell access and ensure that demanding guests and participants of the conferences are happy with its quality, while maintaining acceptable free access during peak hours.

Secure access

All information is transferred over an encrypted network.

No configuration is required

There is no need to set up guests’ devices.

Technical support

Hotline for hotel guests and staff.

Independent management

Staff can independently manage rates and create access codes via the special management portal.

Financial and marketing

Investment protection

Flexible extension of capacity on the actual needs of hotels.

Additional sources of income

Additional advertising platform on the welcome page.

Maximum guest satisfaction

Positive feedback and recommen-dations.

Brand support

The welcome page can be branded in accordance with the corporate style of the hotel.

Return on investment

Fast return on investment.

Cost minimization

Reduction of staff costs, thanks to automatic setup of guest devices and efficient support service.

Advertising and promotion

Special offers and promotion of goods and services on the welcome page.

Collecting statistics

The ability to collect and analyze statistics on the number of users, their needs and preferences.

Compliance with the new requirements for the providers of telecommunication services

The ability to authenticate guest room number or mobile phone number in accordance with Government decision No. 758 of July 31, 2014 on banning anonymous Wi-Fi.

The importance of quality

Guest's expectations of "paid" and "free" Internet are relatively the same. Very slow free Internet is often not advantageous, but only serves to disappoint guests and "lowers" the level of service.

“Bad Internet”

I would had typed out a longer review saying how nice the room was and things, but the internet in the hotel keeps cutting in and out. We stayed in a suite w/ full kitchen and nice bathroom and vanity station.
Cadetsheppard, Senior Reviewer

“The internet is a disaster”

Not being able to finish work on time and takes ages to download emails. Something needs to be done immediately, otherwise the hotel will start losing guests. Johann, TripAdvisor member

“Connection is a REAL PROBLEM”

This hotel is standard for this chain. It is clean, feels secure, has all you’d expect, but the Internet connection is a REAL PROBLEM! They only let you connect one device!
I don’t mind paying for Internet, but in this age, where many of us carry multiple Internet devices, this policy is really unacceptable. I’m really peeved!
SloHandz, TripAdvisor member

“Demanding a refund”

I’m demanding a refund. I expect reliable internet. What I have here is worse than any hotel I have ever experienced…

The importance of quality

Why are guests unhappy with the quality of the Internet in the hotel?

Incorrectly selected number of accesspoints, placement or setup.

Wrong choice of equipment:It is necessary to consider bandwidth of the access point, the radius of coverage and other parameters.

The hotel uses an “office” or “home” router that is not able to cope with the traffic.

It is not possible to provide
the Internet with consistently good quality for the VIP guests and participants of business events.

Wi-Fi signal distribution map

Rate plans

Fair access policy

  • Hoteza classifies all users into levels. The higher the level, the higher the priority.
  • The speed among all actual users of one level is divided equally in accordance with theso-called "fair access policy". With this model, even free access users will not experience any inconvenience.
  • Premium level users are entitled to a separately allocated higher speed.
  • Conference-level users have access to the speed that they were guaranteed in any case.
  • In addition, if the Conference level is free, its resources can be utilized by users of lower levels.


Free Internet that is limited in terms of speed.

The user can send and receive emails, browse the Web


Available at additional cost, but very fast Internet.

Users can view pictures and videos, use social networks and make voice and video calls via Skype, Viber etc.


Fast Internet with guaranteed fixed speed.

Regardless of the number of users in your network, users can download files, view HD-video and use such services as BitTorrent and others